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Even before book one had sold out, I knew there was a second version to be done.   Not only did I meet more and more people who had awesome recipes up their sleeves AND shared my passion for baking,  the outdoors, keeping fit, and fundraising .  But I also wanted to raise more money for charity because sadly in that time, a dear club mate passed away at the local Hospice,  my brother was diagnosed with Epilepsy and my mum was diagnosed with melanoma.    That's why I'm so passionate about raising even more money for the three new charities I am supporting with Fuelled by More Cake.


I'm so grateful for everyone who has contributed to the book in some way, whether that's by giving me a recipe, donating to the crowdfunding campaign, spreading the word, buying a copy, acting as a distributor, keeping me sane during the editing phase or just always being Fuelled by Cake. This wouldn't be possible without your continued support, so thank you.


Happy Baking!

Helen xx

Hi, my name's Helen Murray and I'm the cake-loving endurance fanatic behind Fuelled by Cake. Version one came about after I set myself a target of raising £3,000 for three charities before I turned 30.   Pestering people for sponsorship for different events got a bit boring after a while.  So I started to bake and sell cake at work and to club mates at Knutsford Triathlon Club.    And so the seed was planted... I decided to produce a charity cake recipe book with contributions from sports stars, friends and family.  It was a huge success and  along with all of the money from cake sales, I raised over £9,000 for charity.